Introducing L.I.F.E

Introducing L.I.F.E In July 2013, the Teran Foundation started to screen films in the main square of the town of Mossuril, Nampula Province, in northern Mozambique. The monthly open-air screenings of Mozambican films have proven very popular with local residents, creating awareness for the activities of L.I.F.E., the Local Initiatives of Film Enterprise - an association newly-founded to promote film locally and made up of local members. And L.I.F.E. is already a topic much talked about in Mossuril. After the screenings, residents have enquired about how to join the association. There is excitement that they can get involved in future film activities and that those unfold in their town. Young people especially are keen to learn more about video production, cinema and the digital world.

L.I.F.E. - Local Initiatives of Film Enterprise
facilitates the restoration and development of film infrastructure in Mozambique.
delivers programs that improve training, production and distribution opportunities to Mozambican filmmakers.
.... develops participatory media productions for national and international campaigns
... aims to strengthen the local as well as global revenue-potential and position of the Mozambican film industry.
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Festival and Commission

The L.I.F.E. festival will enrich the cultural landscape, ensuring vital new distribution and promotion channels for Mozambican and regional filmmakers. The annual festival will also be a platform for sustainable tourism and partnerships with the private and public sector. The L.I.F.E. commission will be a lobby group run by and for Mozambican filmmakers, attracting capital for production, distribution and film development. Partnerships will be engendered with international festivals, film institutes and academies to create sustainable, long-term training and job opportunities for Mozambican film professionals. In addition, L.I.F.E. will also be a point of call for foreign organizations looking to strengthen their engagement with the Mozambican film industry, either through shooting on location or investing in the sector.

1. Strengthen training, networking, production and distribution opportunities for Mozambican filmmakers.
2. Create an academy, media labs and film festivals.
3. Restore cinemas and strengthen distribution avenues.
4. Assist in restoration of Mozambican film archives.
5. Develop partnerships with international festivals and organizations.
6. Attract film capital to Mozambique.