The Eco College of Tourism

The college has moved to Sunset Boulevard community guesthouse. In 2011 the district government asked if it would be possible to have the old navel academy building in Cabaceira Grande back. There were plans for a new school. It was a big thing to move the college of tourism out of the old palace, but we did move in to save the building and it is a national monument. So in 2012 we moved the college to Mossuril. In some ways this is better because students have less far to travel and more eventual jobs will come up in Mossuril than in Cabaceira.

Surrounded by a coconut grove and a mud hut village, Sunset is in Mossuril's district capital. With four hectares of gardens and grounds, the college now has access to the beach. It is 12KM from Chocas Mar and 6 KM from Mozambique Island, which are two populair tourist locations by the Indian Ocean. It has a catchment area of over 20.000 people many of whom earn no wage and are keen to learn skills; and some of whom are skilled but unemployed. It opened in September 2004 with 21 students, 8 local staff and 14 international volunteers. It has a regular staff, several of whom are former students, and a steady stream of international volunteers. There is an strong existing bond with the local communities.

Spin-off from the College:

Teran Foundation has initiated and operates a number of community projects. Further information on our projects and activities is available and can be sent on request. We have joined forces with several local communities to help them to help themselves.

This is Waese Andinane, who joined the College in 2005. He is now a skilled waiter, he speaks English and is computer literate. As a skilled worker he earns well over the minimum salary.