L.I.F.E. - Local Initiatives of Film Enterprise

Making a difference in Mozambique

Teran Foundation helps in Mozambique because it is one of the poorest countries of the world.

What we do:

Teran Foundation helps community projects in N Mozambique for:

  • Helping social enterprises in the bush
  • Education: especially English and computer lessons
  • HIV- AIDS awareness, malaria-awareness and prevention programmes, maternity assistance
  • Conservation
  • To provide skills and training in community tourism
  • Community outreach - micro-credits for small industry and private enterprise, community centers etc.


  • To help strengthen rural communities
  • To motivate anti-malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns
  • To help local government upgrade rural schools
  • To encourage and support local entrepreneurs

Ultimate aim:

To motivate people to help themselves with trade not aid

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